Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Street Art in Petrozavodsk

A Russian street artist Renald from Petrozavodsk, Russia turns random phone booths into sharks.

Where is Petrozavodsk?

Two weeks ago I had never heard of Petrozavodsk and I learned how to pronounce it last week. Charlie and I were supposed to visit Vladikavkaz to conduct public art workshops and in the process create projects but that all changed when the conflict between Russia and Georgia broke out over South Osetia. Vladikavkaz is not too for from there so we all agreed that it would be best to go somewhere else. Naturally, when I don't know a place, I Google it. And this is what I found out about Petrozavodsk (which means Peter - Factory)...

Petrozavodsk (Russian: Петрозаво́дск; Karelian/Finnish: Petroskoi or Äänislinna) is the capital of the Republic of Karelia, Russia, with a population of 266,160 (2002 Census). It stretches along the western shore of the Lake Onega for some 27 kilometers. The city is served by Besovets Airport. Municipally, it is incorporated as Petrozavodsk Urban Okrug (Петрозаводский городской округ).