Friday, September 5, 2008

Mission One

This afternoon we're going out on our first mission. Kendal and I will lead the group of locals on a "Freeze" mission. We're going to do a "Walking Freeze" which is a riff on the idea from my Frozen Grand Central mission in New York. I will lead the group as we walk in a lose pack, seeming like we don't know each other. Whenever I stop, everyone behind me will freeze in place until I move again. We'll do this several times down the main street in Petrozavodsk, heading past the universities. I'm excited to see how people will react!

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Renald said...

I think we should change the way we do our meetings. It's very hard not to be shy when we just sitting in the circle. Why can't we go in a pub< have a couple of beers and discuss yours and ours ideas? I think it will be easier to feel free and comfortable!